A-si Myths, the Truth…

Myth 3: A-si panels are bigger and take up more space???

In real life, They can be smaller. Thin Film or A-si panels, can give more Annual Energy yield per area.

A 30% bigger A-si panel gives 60% MORE Energy.

Add this up over area. So it IS bigger BUT it is only 30% bigger BUT it produces 60% MORE Energy. Showing it does in fact, produce more energy per area, although it has less “Watts Peak” per area, IN a LABORATORY (STC).

The STC efficiency shows, that in a Laboratory, under conditions created to meet the needs of Crystalline panels, that for the same “Watts Peak” value, a bigger A-si panel is needed to give the same “Watts Peak” at STC.

Watts Peak is NOT watts energy??? This is where the confusion arises.

The “Watts Peak” does not indicate what size panel is needed, to give the same energy yield per year. By looking at the Annual Energy output table attached, you can easily see that the A-si or Thin film panels, give much more energy yield in real life. 130% to 160% more, than the “Watts Peak” value. The Crystalline panel gives only 60% to 70% of its Watt Peak value, in Summer or Hot climates. A quick calculation reveals that the 30% bigger A-si panel
gives 60%


Tropical Conditions, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Compare the size against the actual Annual Yield, from both types of panel.

There is no doubt that the area per Watt Peak and the area per Kilowatt Hour produced, are very different. So for the same Annual Yield,
the A-si or Thin Film is in fact SMALLER than any Crystalline panel.




Compare these two panels of the SAME AREA