ccflCCFL – COLD CATHODE FLUORESCENT, brighter, longer lasting, low cost alternative. Solarvoltaictm developed the CCFL lamp as an energy saving, Solar powered light, more than 12 years ago and has sold them all over the World. After 12 years it has just began to sink in that CCFL was the best and most efficient lighting all along. Now the World has woken up to CCFL there is a sudden rush to save energy and replace LED lights. You can replace a 36w LED traffic light with an
11w CCFL lamp saving 60% more energy. T8 failed because it has a short lifespan
and LED failed because of high cost and poor visibility, causing eye strain. Leaving only CCFL or Induction lamps as the only energy saving, longer lasting, alternative.

CCFL Longer lifespan & more durable
Energy Savings
Always cold – No heat sink
Better Light quality from CCFL
Health – UV free & Low glare lighting
High colour rendering
Low luminous decay
Increase visibility