Commercial Solar Powered Bicycle

bicycleCommercial Solar Powered Bicycle the first of its kind, tried and tested, this energy saving and environment friendly, mode of transport, is now available for sale.

We have read of electric cars and motorbikes but have you seen one on our roads yet? Well, the Solar Bicycle is here Light and powerful, it is affordable and trendy and will get you there on time. If going green is your resolution, think no further. Kick start with this new innovation. A Solar Bicycle is not just cool, it is cheap maintenance, non polluting and will save you time and money. For work or school, It can beat traffic woes and get you to your destination in style.
The best mix of quality, design and value, the Solar Bicycle is chargeable, and can also function as a normal pedal operated bicycle. Its internal power supply will carry a 95kg rider over a 30 Km distance, without manual operation of the Pedals. This bicycle is in production and is available for sale today.
A green solution to rising fuel costs and climate change through reducing carbon emission.


Applications :

Town use, Tourism Island, etc.