Corporate Technology – Brighten the Future With Solar Power Systems

Some of the biggest corporations in the world are now looking to the sun to stay ahead in the highly competitive business run. IKEA, Walmart, Kohl’s and Costoc are just a few mega-corporations that are cutting operating costs by using solar power systems.

Since the beginning of 2011, the average price of photo voltaic cells, more commonly known as solar panel cells have decreased by 30%, making solar energy a highly affordable alternative source for commercial use. This affordability is driving more and more corporations to invest in on site solar power systems, as in the eyes of most companies, electricity bills represent the biggest operating costs. By adopting the use of solar system products, these companies have drastically reduced their energy expenditures.

The biggest advantage for mega corporations is that after the initial set up and installation, solar system products provide long-term energy price visibility by locking in fixed prices for decades to come; this offers a competitive edge over companies who rely on electrical systems and are prone to the impacts of the volatile electricity prices.

A portfolio of investments in the solar energy industry enables companies to reduce their energy bills, allocate funds to core business processes and plan better for the upcoming future.