Hotsprings water heater

hotspringThermos Vacuum flask quality, Glass water heating tube, for water that stays hot
Hottest water heater on the market
Pure stainless steel, mirror, back reflector plate for greater energy efficiency
Efficient Thermo-syphon flow, design, to reduce energy loss
Ultra strong, high density, insulation to maintain very low heat loss.
Large amount of consistently hot, water supply, at any one time
Completely safe, environment- friendly
Water temperatures vary between 45C and 98C.
Regardless of rainy days or cloudy days, our unique design ensures constant hot water for all the same time.

Hotsprings is economic and adaptable to a wide scope of uses. Hospitals, Clinics, Schools and Offices need a collective, central, hot water, facility. With Hot springs, you simply connect multiple heaters together and you have your collective central system. It’s as simple as that.