Solar Panel Systems – Thin Film Panel, Amorphous Panel

Solar Panel SystemThin Film. The latest boom in modern, high Tech PV. 600% increase in productivity in the last 2 years. Replacing Crystalline panels all over the world. Thin Film is the future of Photovoltaics and the closure of many large crystalline PV plants heralds in the new generation of modern PV. TJL3, flexible, light weight, easy to install Modern, Higher Annual Yield, lower cost, less degradation. Making mono and poly Crystalline modules obsolete in our modern World

Solar Panel Systems Applications :

Stand-alone – Off Grid DC system.
Rural remote village, jungle camp sites, estates & plantations.
Grid connected PV
Solar Farm (As much as 60% more income than Crystalline installations)

Solar Panel System Features :

Superior Performance Under High-Temperature Conditions
Comparison of total generated Watt-power per month among various materials in Temperate climates

Solar Panel Systems

Better Actual Watt-Power Generation Compared with Crystalline Silicon PV Modules
Environmentally Friendly
Shorter Energy Pay-back Time (EPT)>
Light Weight
Easy to Install
Lower installation costs
25-Year Power Output Warranty