Portable charger

chargerPortable Solar Power Packs are now available to give power to your communication devices and even your computer. Stay on the internet and keep in touch at all times, no matter where you are.. Powerful enough to charge a mobile phone in only 10 minutes.

How do you stay in touch when in remote locations such as isolated settlements, army posts, project sites, jungles, mountains or in the middle of the sea? An essential service, that one is deprived of, is communication. Yet communication is so important: for decision-making, safety, emergency calls, or just to say Hello to your wife and kids. How many times have you wanted to make a call and find your battery is dead? Now you can simply open up your Solar Power Pack and make that call. Use the Solar power to charge your battery ready to last through the night.

This 6wp A-si solar panel can fully charge up a mobile phone in 10 minutes or your laptop computer during your lunch hour. Just plug in to cable provided, leave the solar panel in direct sunshine.

The mobile phone can even be charged in a moving vehicle. Just ensure the panel is positioned in the back window so that it catches the sunshine. Weighing only 400grams the solar charger can be carried in a backpack and used anywhere. With this portable solar power supply, your mobile phone will never run out of power! The most powerful PV on the market!

Applications :

For Outdoor enthusiast – fishing, camping, etc.
Site workers, Engineers, outstation executives.