History and Business Overview

ATOINCOM ACE (M) SDN BHD is a Malaysian based company specialising in SOLAR ELECTRICITY GENERATING SYSTEMS which are particularly suited to the hot, humid Malaysian climate and also all type of climate generally. We have been collaborating with ADVANCED SOLAR VOLTAIC SDN BHD whom has been pioneering in this field for over 20 years in both Malaysia and other regions such as Australia, Africa, Middle East and their native land United Kingdom.

ATOINCOM ACE has an up-to-date fully equipped research laboratory using the technology from United Kingdom. Physics, chemistry and Biology and electronics experiments are regularly conducted to develop new products, test out fresh ideas and improve on existing models. We invent and innovate new products under the brand tag SOLAR VOLTAICâ„¢. The product carries our guarantee of excellent quality, reliability and integrity. As such, quality control is at the heart of our production processes.

We provide consultation, design, installation and maintenance services, training and supply Photovoltaic Panels, Charger/Controllers, Photovoltaic Storage cells (Deep Cycle Type Batteries) and other components required to put together complete, STAND-ALONE, SOLAR POWER SYSTEMS, for remote homes, street lights, garden lights, aircraft warning lights, security systems, solar water pump systems etc. BIPV, Rural Electrification, Stand-Alone and Hybrid systems are manufactured by us. All our products and systems are invented and innovated by our very own Research And Experimental Director who was a member of MENSA (UK).

Our experienced engineers also design systems uniquely to suit individual sites and requirements. Our systems are guaranteed by us to deliver what we promise and represent our originality. We do not use imitation or fake parts and products as it will never be our part and parcel. We have a pool of trained and experienced service staff on the ready, to travel to any part of the world to service, repair and maintain the system we installed.