A-si Myths, the Truth…

Myth 1: A-si has more deterioration over time???

A-si or Thin Film, has LESS deterioration over time, than either Mono or Poly Crystalline PV, in Hot climates. See graph below, tested in Tropical Climate at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia:


During the first few weeks Thin Film or A-si has an additional BONUS output,
30% above the output stated.

This is NOT part of its rated output and is only present for a few weeks on a new A-si
panel. It is 30% MORE than the rated power in ‘ Watts Peak ‘.
(Example: a 100Wp A-si panel will produce 150W ~170W for its first few weeks output.)

The 30% bonus power is NOT counted in the Wp value and the loss of this extra power,
is known as the “Steabler-Wronsky Effect”.

If the stated output is 100Wp, it will drop LESS than 1 % per year from this rated output.
(If you calculate the drop of the extra 30% BONUS as a LOSS you get 30% apparent loss, when in FACT,
its real loss was 0%. This is where the Myth came from).